May I just say, hello and thank you for taking the time to look at this. I don't have much to say, as most of  you probably have better things to do with your one life, and I say most of you, because a despairingly huge amount of you don't have much to do anyway, but I digress.

I am sarcastic, pretty witty, I have to admit, and if I'm an asshole, I have BTBAAD Or Born-To-Be-An-Asshole-Disease. Ha.

I won't write too too much, seeing as I have other accounts where I do much more respected writing, even if most of it is under-appreciated because it's mostly platonic considering the fact I've never had a boyfriend in my life, and I'm pretty old to be saying shit like that.

However, I AM going to be doing smut here along with some fanfics with OC's, and I hope you enjoy it, considering this is all i'll get until I'm not too pussy to ask some dude out already, because I just never do.

there'll be no link to my other accounts, considering I have people I know on here, and if they knew I was writing shit like this, I'd never be allowed near anime again, (since that's what they tend to blame it on).

I love and hate many things, and if you want to know them, ask away, since I'm too lazy to do it here.

Carry on with life, puny humans.
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Story by Death_Of_A_Tanuki
I'll Save My Pitcher (Big WIndup! Oneshot) by Death_Of_A_Tanuki
I'll Save My Pitcher (Big WIndup...
Mihashi has just won a game and the opposing battery decides to take it out on the poor pitcher. Abe comes to...