Welcome to the DarkHeartsWolfPack. We are a new pack.

Our name is named after hearts that may have been tainted black with pain and such and we welcome you into our family if it is. You're heart doesn't have to be black in order to join.

We pride ourselves with values like, friendship,having fun, love and family. We will protect each other as we are family.

I do not mind if you are in another pack, as long as it is not an enemy of ours.

Where we live is in a huge, and I mean huge, Island in the middle of the ocean, keeping away most enemies.

We wish to be as fun as possible :D

Number of Members: 8

~Wish to join? Here is the form:







Any powers?:

Important People:

Alpha: @DarkHeartWolfPack

Deputy: @horseloverella

Beta Male: @Coolwolves (Payton)

Beta Female: @AeroWolf
  • JoinedSeptember 7, 2013

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