I am back! Sorry for my long 2 year break but life is back on track and I've updated Life With My Werewolf Mate! Check it out!


@Dancingharley16 Are you willing to help me write and edit a story. I would be very thankful. In return i could help you in the future.


U said that you were done with what u were writing in life with my werewolf mate and I would like to take it over. I have a ton of free time, and enjoy writing more than most anything else. I haven't completed my story yet and if you let me complete yours I promise to try and make it the best I can. Please consider it.


Hey, I read your book 'Life with my werewolf mate' and I saw you said you were calling it quits. I have spare time after school, and wouldn't mind if you needed or wanted someone to take over the book. :) thx