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How the fuck am I almost at 14K? Euhhh?!?!  Thanks guys, love y'all sorry I haven't  really been around :0 <3


Yew my friend are my definition of awesomeness stay yew cuz yew deserve it! :) follow meh back if you want it'll mean a bunch 


-quietly- um....'allo. I'm Chibi...y-your profile is cool...P!ATD, SWS, and Skillet a-are a yes....^-^ f-friends..? or y-you don't have to, whatever i-is fine...s-sayonara....


Hai...um I'm pheonix....
          your profile is adorbs. ^.^ you should message me sometime, but you don't have to, if you don't want. 
          I'm gonna go now, byee