[•••| I used to shut my door
while my mother screamed
in the kitchen. |•••]

)) Evento: Young!Daeir.
|──9/12 años.
|──Curiosamente cínico.
|──"¡Mamá me regaló antes de nacer!"
|──"¿Papá no me quería? Debe ser un chiste."

[•••| I'd turn the music up,
get high and try not to lis-
ten to every little fight. |•••]

|KillerLust Combo, O7-O9-19.
|Edad oscilatoria, 17-21.
|Hipersexualidad, auto-odio.
|Re amargadeIchshOn el pIbe.

[•••| Cause neither one
was right. |•••]

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