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He was known as the Blue Mist. Where he went, the mist followed. By night, he was a ruthless assassin. A ruthless, coldhearted killed that evil people feared but good people loved.
But by day? Now that was an entirely different story.
Shota Aizawa rubbed under his eyes. After another night of murdering, it was too early for this. And yet he couldn't exactly block @0-Citrus and @Eri__Aizawa13 out. Their bickering was hard to ignore. One of the kids wanted cookies, the other had eaten them all.
As he dragged his feet over to the kitchen, he sighed deeply. "What have I told you kids about eating the sweets for breakfast?" Snatching the empty cookie jar from the kids, he set it up high so hopefully, they couldn't reach. "You two go wash up. Because you woke me up, you get to help with breakfast."
By day, the blood-thirsty assassin was a father to a staggering 2.5K children. All of them were adopted. Most were victims of abusive households, others were orphaned at the start of the war. Because his job paid so incredibly well, he decided that these kids needed a stable place to be. They were happy here too.
Most days were a chore really. Fighting, shouting, and crying were all something he had to deal with as a father. But these kids were scared. He couldn't blame them for acting out. Even so, he tried to solve every problem calmly.
After watching the two kids run off to go do as they were told, he started to gather what he needed to cook. Cooking was far more simple than people would think. Some kids slept in, some were up at night, some insisted they weren't hungry. So really he only had to feed about a hundred kids at a time. Nothing a lot of bread, meat, and rice couldn't fix. He made filler food so his children wouldn't go hungry.
No matter how complicated his life was though, he loved it. The killing wasn't great, but he got paid well. And if it meant he could better care for his kids, he couldn't change it for the world.
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