Hope everyone’s been doing fine and stay safe!


Hey, dude! Wanted to drop a message stating that your writing style/comprehensive usage of great grammar is almost too similar to mine. Which is why I'm attracted to your writing piece.


To the writer of the shattered love, 
          Omfg!! You wrote one hell of a story! I love everything about it.. it's heart wrenching. Worth every tears. I know I'm reading this really late but damn gurl. BFGDUSJSBDIDJ! INDESCRIBABLE!


          I just finished reading 'Shattered Love'.... Found it really amazing!! 
          Keep it up❤❤


Hi sweety I love your story, the characters, the plot, the settings and the spiced up things are just amazing hoping that you will update soon and stop the Hold for your story. Thank you so much more power.