her pale bony hand, wraps around the stem of the champagne glass daintily as if afraid to brake the crystal like glass. once the thin cup was off if the marble top, it was brought in front of her nose, swirling the light pink liquid that held bubbles captive as if they were sentence to life. her swirl of ocean blue and fair green eyes, stared back at the glass in a bored manner as she awaited her parental figure to come back. tick. the clocks tick caused her black lined eyes to flutter towards it. late. they were late. bright red lips slightly pursed into a daunting pout, and her soft yet curvy body slouching over the counter in an uncaring manner, one manicured hand stayed under her chin to keep her upright-she waited. her eyes slowly traveled down the cup to the ball of her knuckles that showed under her thin, bruised skin. her knuckles glowed of a taunting pink shade, as if daring the young girl to have an emotion about them. she couldn't. she knew she couldn't. so she looked away, back to the twirling liquor. 

the echo of a slammed door, caught her attention. finishing off the drink quickly, she leaned over the counter to lay it in the sink gently. not able to contain her curiosity, she decided to meet them half way. getting up from the stool, the newly legal girl brushed down the thin silk material. paying little mind to her dress, she through over her robe and slipped into her slippers. she called this her sugar daddy set. her parental figure had bought them for her. a see through robe, with pink fur at the bottom and at the arms. to finish it off she had her pink fluffy slippers. as she walked carelessly through the house, she ran her fingers through her long blonde hair to tame the curls a bit. when she reached her destination, she walked in.

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