Anyone want to role play? I feel like roleplaying XD
Hello, I'm CynderWolfy! I write a creepypasta story which I can't be fucked with but am slowly writing more and more of and a poetry book full of shit that my mind spews out every now and then.

Yeah. *awkward silence*

You can message me about anything, I sometimes get kind of bored after a while on Wattpad. I would not mind randomly having a discussion about anything.

My fandoms: Dan&Phil, anime (HAIKYUU!!), Warrior cats, Pewdiepie, Olizandri, creepypasta.
//is it bad that I want to add my other story that I have not published as one of my fandoms?//

I swear this is too long but I think I can live with it. Hope you have a nice day and thanks for visiting my page. =)
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