I am the j-pope of the j-church. I own y'all!!!! PAY ME TAXXX NOW!!! give me mani i only got 3 dolla i no reach 

About me:

-I hAtE sNaKeU~

-mIn YoOnGi Is So HaWt ThAt I'm GoInG tO sElL mY sOuL tO hAvE hIm DaTe Me NoT jImIn

-JiMiN hAs No JaMs I dOn'T uNdErStAnD wHy YoOnGaY lOvEs hIm He Is So RuDe

-WhY wOn'T yOoNgI nOtIcE mE?

-NoTiCe Me SeNpAi

-Am I dEsTiNeD tO dIe AlOnE?

-I'lL jUsT jOiN vMiNkOoK.

-I'vE aLwAyS wAnTed tO hAvE fRiEnDs

ps: this is a shared account, so there's me, E (I'll just put that because s put s and it sounds coolish? not really, and yeah um.... it would be weird if I said my name and she didn't bcs she has a weird name (sorry😂) so peeps would know her and nobody would tell which ellie it is because there's like too many and oops I told you my name oh well) and there's S. Sometimes we both reply to people, and don't say who it is so it might be weird (except you guys probably know weirder stuff of course) and sometimes S just messages herself and I find it and I'm scared again (I saw xD))

that's it?????
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Creamyjpope Creamyjpope Sep 09, 2017 10:52AM
man i missed this acc
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