My backup account is @KitKat9191

This is my new account, and I will be using it the most.

I like cookies. 🍪

And chocolate. 🍫

And cupcakes. 🧁

popcorn 🍿


aaaaaaaaaand salt 🧂

can't live without them ☠️

F for F, but only if you were someone I followed on my old account, or if I personally know you. Or you are one of my potential watt friends

I need books to read📓! If you want me to read yours or you have a suggestion, I'm open📖!

Good morning☀️, Happy birthday🎂, Merry Christmas🎄, Happy New Year🎆, Good night🌃.

(Don't judge me, I know I'm weird...) 🤪
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