Hello, I am a 13 year old girl pretending to be older and pretending to be a Hispanic older female.  I have been lying to my parents who raise me right but I choose not to do what is right. I am an African American little girl, who sings in the church choir, plays basketball, runs track and sings in the choir at my middle school.  My mother came into my room to check on me and I was supposed to be sleep but was hiding the computer she brought for me under the covers.  

If you see this name pop up, understand that this is not a game and this is a 13 year old little girl who is trying to be something and someone that she is not. I am her mother and her father is in the picture fully and we are married and give her a good home, but with rules and with restrictions if she does not follow the rules, but our daughter does not want to be a leader but a follower. We refuse to allow her to have her way and we do impose restrictions and punishments. Because we love her we are going to leave this page up and hopefully others will learn from her mistake and misuse of our trust and forgiveness.
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