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I'm Jane..I've loved writing since I was a young girl. Stories, poems, songs..anything. Finding exactly what I wanted to read has often been an issue so guess what? I started to write myself ✊♠ * Boss * Lol

I pride myself on writing contemporary fiction, that means real people, real life, and real situations all set up in a thought up world and, more often than not, featuring people of each and every race, sexual orientation, religion etc...So please if you're not open minded, like at all, don't read :* ✌.
My intentions are to entertain 🙌, educate 💁, perplex 😌 and last but not least, shock 😱 readers. I also want them to *relate* with my characters 💞

Besides: -I'm 20 years old (Team Virgo)
- I practice Muay Thai
-I wanna become a psychologist
-I love everything with lemon..Lemon is Life!! 👌
-My 11 years old brother more popular than me on Social Medias
- A dangerously handsome british boy stole my <3

-My parents are both lawyers, so yes...you're in deep sh*t if you're plagiarizing my work
- I dream of a world full of smart, giving and loving, people... Too much to ask for unfortunately :/

Whoever you are: "Strangers are just friends we haven't met yet" XoX

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