Chapter Ten of Better Off has just been uploaded!!


Hi! I love all of your work, in fact, when asked what my favourite book is of all time I say without a shadow of a doubt, Healing in Medicine Bow. You have a true talent! Never lose that spark x 


i love your books , but is stand by me a completed book ?.if not will you stil update on it 


Wow your book is wonderful! I really enjoyed reading it !
           It felt like  I was on a rollercoaster of emotions !!!! 
          Keep it up authorrrrr
          Btw do u mind checking my book out ? 
          It would really mean a lot to me .
          U can also give me your honest reviews .
          It's "alone maybe ?"

          Help your sister out ! 
          Do read.


Were you planning on giving Marcus and Luke, from Healing In Medicine Bow, a story of their own? I;m going to follow you just on that book alone. So sweet.