Well hello dr..Thx fr cmng across my profile...

My nme is Ankita..M 19 & M Asian..:) I don't write books..idk I vl ever get the courage to pen down my thots ... but have read lottss of dem n dr r Lott more to go...

M a huge fan of OneD ♥‿♥
Taylor swift
Katy Perry
Twilight ❤
n Harry Potter series
(& currently the PokemonGo game as well ♥‿:p)

My talents.. well m a very sarcastic person..n m sure I vl die one day cz of being sarcastic at d wrong tym XD ..apart from that.. I can do sketching.. n m a trained classical dancer..✌ & the most mischievous girl u vl ever come across :p ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PM me if u feel bored.. wld love to make frnds.. ✌

Talking abt books..I love reading Fiction stories..
werewolfs n vamp novels r my fav❤❤❤i wish dy wr real.. ❤ I have read by far d most amazing books of werewolfs on wattpad..u can check out my library or my reading list..dos authors r just awesome❤❤

Oky..so thank-you so much guyss ..hope ur still alive even after going thru my rambling..;) :* Stay blessd.. N spread Love ❤

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ㄟ( ・ө・ )ㄏ repost this if u hv ever tried to balance the switch btwen on & off.. (lol I still do :p )

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