Hello there! I'm Elizabeth Myers, yes I'm Michael A. Myers daughter. We have gotten past the whole kill your whole family thing blah blah blah. I love hunting with my dad, but can't wait until he lets me go on my own. 

Movies I love

The outsiders (I'm in love with darry, soda pop, Dallas and Steve) (Patrick swyaze looking hot in tight black pants mmmmm)

Ghost (with Patrick swyaze)


Dirty dancing (I totally loved that movie, it was amazing, did not really like the remake)


Anything marvel


All of the Transformers movies

House of a thousand corpses

Twilight (only mainly because of jasper, Rosalie, the kings, Carlisle, Esme, and the wolf pack, just not Jacob)

Hansel and Gretel the movie

Lost boys (I love them all so much, got me through a lot of shit while growing up)

Teen wolf (totally a sterek shipper all the way! So mad they didn't become a couple)

Bohemian rhapsody

Lucifer (damn is he hotter then hell!)

Supernatural! (I love dean and Cas together! Ship them together!)

Vampire diaries

The originals!!!!! (Love them! So much!)

Stranger things! (BILLY!)

Fast and the furious

Alien movie

Predator movie

Grease 2

Kingsman (in love with Harry hart!)

Pretty in pink! (Duckie deserved better!)

Immortal instruments! (Only like the 2013 version Jamie lover all the way!)

The crow!

True blood!

Game of thrones!

Aqua man!

British people are amazing! And also I am one! I may call my readers love and darling, so don't freak out if I do call you those names. It's bit of a habit for me.

Fly high Chadwick! Death is not the end. I learned that from someone. Death only gives you another beginning just not on this earth. No need for tears, just know that they're not hurting anymore. Safe travels baby, till next time we see you. I love you 3000. ♾🙅‍♀️💕❤️
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Spoiler if no one has seen the good doctor. I just finished yet another episode of the good doctor. And I of course always shipped Neil and Claire together. I’ve waited and waited for them to get to...
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