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          So I have read the story the 5 princes and love it. I'm also part if an app that allows you to write your own story's but make animations to go with it. It's called episode. I was wondering if all credit (which would be) given too you, if I could put it into animation form for more people to read? Again I would take no credit. I just want to make it where it was like an interactive game?


Hey! I have been reading your story on Dreame and love it SO much but it's making me pay for more chapters after the Wednesday chapters. Are you making money for that or are they just doing that because they can? 


@allisonwhite16 Hi and sorry for the delay. I'm so grateful that you like my story! Thank you so much! And yes, I sold the book to Dreame a few months ago. They do have a feature where one chapter is unlocked everyday but I don't know when that feature will be add in my books. I hope soon. Although I sold the rights, I really want my readers to read to their content without having to spend too much. I hope that helped.


Hi I love your work , i use wattpad and dreame, I really spend much time reading than doing other things from dusk till dawn. I found the five princes very interesting but very heartbroken and sad that I couldn't read any other book for a week now any more . I do know that's what you feel right about it but i feel very bad that I wish the story didn't end up that way . I wanted the villain to be avant or among the other princes , I wished that zeph was the one who made a change to hatred of the enigmas and that all he suffered for was worth for love. But how could he turn bad when everyone hated him instead to proved the kingdom wrong and bring end to the feud ? . I feel very bad . Honestly I love you work but I wish i didn't fell for the five princes cause I don't know who I am anymore . I'm missing reading badly but I'm scared of getting hurt by words again . Thank you 


@Hanilybieber hi. I'm not able to read the rest of the book. Can you tell me what happened? Who did she choose? What did zeph do? Please 


Can I ask where the book Perfectly Bad is? It isn't in your profile... and I'm dying to read it❤️ Did you perhaps take it down?