A question for people who had horrible experiences.
          	Yes, if you have heard of Amino, etc, I have had a utterly horrible experience on it. But, what was your experience...? Meaning, your horrible experiences with it and... the people.


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@ChaoticMultiverse Yeah tbh the advertisements made it look so cool, but when ai tried it out, I came across a lot of toxics and it wasn’t very...pretty. There were a lot of conversation that didn’t really look ‘kid-friendly’. Actually, if you go on every Fandom or Fan fiction, there will be AT LEAST one toxic person. It affects one person to another to fight back sadly. Like “Oh..How cringy is that bitch/son of a bitch  who says Sans’s is hers/his. He’s obviously MINE.” Or even people who are shaming people for their love interest, even though it’s just a joke. For example, “Ewww...It’s another fan girl. You shouldn’t even be fantasizing that he is your boyfriend!” It honestly took most of Amino’s Positivity down. This isn’t just Undertale though. It’s basically for everything.


@ChaoticMultiverse  Az Here.
          	  Well to be honest, I've made a couple of friends on Amino. And I wish I could say better things about the platform. One thing that I really hate is how difficult it is to be noticed for the things you do rather than what you say. I tried to make a name for myself there and it works... at least for a few months? Then as the communities grew more inactive and fandoms more toxic, it became a crappy place. Especially the Undertale community. The sheer amount of toxicity and the sans fanboys/fangirls ruined both the fandom and Amino in some way. 
          	  It is sad though, since Amino isn't all bad, but any fandom there becomes either toxic or abandoned like litter.


          	  I guess tbh Amino is OKaY I guess...
          	  I made 2 amazing friends I adore so much, but I use it because it’s prob better than posting stuff on instagram and others since that seems a bit more public.
          	  Honestly amino is pretty good. I post art there and can do comms
          	  Well let’s total I got
          	  3 bot dms
          	  1 person asking for my age *shudder*
          	  Well....okay maybe I had a bad experience with .....people on Anime amino 
          	  A hahahahahah
          	  But that’s okay if you watch where you step! :D


          Uh, guys? This is a real concern. I got a message from some user named yyh64604. Their message was and I quote, "Hello IronicallyUncreative,
          My name is May. I'm an Author Liaison representative, representing W e b n o v e l. 
          I've read the initial chapters and I feel that your novel showcases your capabilities as a writer thus, I would like to invite you to publish on our platform W e b n o v e l. You may find our App on Appstore or Google Play, which has over tens of millions of installations. 
          We would like to offer a non-exclusive contract for your novels currently on the site, this way, you can keep the novel on the site but at the same time also help you tap on the large reader base of our platform with over 60 million unique user views, making it a win-win situation. 
          Please feel free to reach out to me with regards to this, we want to understand your needs first and foremost as an author to help you reach the target market you want to hit. "
          I'm concerned about whether or not it's a scam. I went on Reddit and looked them up, apparently, it's a legit company of some sort, but "they're a Chinese company. They at quite notorious for taking advantage of their authors, especially those based in China." 
          I just want clarification before I mess up anything.


@ChaoticMultiverse ok. my mom said the same thing.


@IronicallyUncreative Just for safety, I would steer away from it, honestly. It seems... fishy.


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