I have no work posted on this platform, so below is a brief essay about my reading preferences...

I enjoy most tropes, but I HATE cheating stories where the cheater (man or woman) gets off easy. Whether or not the person goes back to them, I want to see them suffer and squirm for a while. And trust me, I know that I'm not alone. Readers like me, need that satisfaction, even if it's not always what is reflective of RL. Imo, the worst kinds of cheating books are the ones where the FMC is weak and pathetic, and lets the guy walk all over her then, takes him back. Call me petty, but I want the gratification of seeing him suffer and emotionally bleed first if she's going to take him back. I've grown exhausted from seeing BW portrayed as if the only man they can get are the ones who shit on them.

A good story is a good story, but my favourite genre is IR preferably BWWM. I don't always need a conventional happy ending if the book is well-written. I am an invested reader, sometimes too invested...I'm aware. Yes, I get caught up and I will comment--particularly if you ask me to do so. I try very hard to remain polite, and respectful. But, if I give my honest opinion and you don't agree, don't get pissed off, it's not with malicious intent.

My greatest pet peeve with most contemporary authors on this platform is the popular style of writing a book based on one POV. I'm not very fond of it, because every story has TWO (some have three), and you can't write an unbiased story from one POV, especially when dealing with cheating. However, if it's well written I will read it and probably recommend it. If you block me I won't lose sleep over it... Just being honest. But, that's on you, bc you never know... not all is as it appears.😉✌🏼💛
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