Nothing much to say. I just made this account to dump all the yuri light novels, baihes, MTLs and translations I found in this reading platform. (Mostly for my future reference, but hey, you're welcome to stay here and look at my reading lists.) See the message board for other sources and for internet links for more yuri goodness.

In case you don't know...
Baihe novels - Chinese stories or novels centralized on a female-to-female romantic/sexual relationship
MTL novel - novels that are translated (unofficially and frequently done without the writer's/publisher's permission) by machines (because it's the fastest way rather than relying on human translation, though we have to suffer from misgendering and grammatical errors. that doesn't matter for many because mtl-supremacy race can overcome anything, haha).
JPN - abbreviation for Japanese
CN - abbreviation for Chinese
KR - abbreviation for Korean
ENG - abbreviation for English
danmei - term used to refer to stories about relationships between males. and yes, we won't be listing danmei novels here. we'll only stick to yuri and baihes.
isekai - stories about main character or characters going through reincarnation, rebirth, transgression or transmigration in the same place but in another time; the same time but another place; or just in different time setting, place, world, universe or dimension.

P.S. The MTLs posted here are not mine, nor do I claim ownership over them. They rightfully belong to their writer/s and publisher/s. Please remember that and stop calling me the writer/author. They're not edited and I do not have any plans of editing them ever, so expect literal translations, missed nuances, lost context, misgendering, grammatical errors, offensive terms and poor quality. I also do not own the images or covers of the novels. They are owned by their artist/illustrator.
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