Hi! As you know, my name is Catherine (Some choose to call me Cat)

Fun Facts about Me:
-Graduated SMHS 2017
-Enrolled at TXST (2021)
-Major: English
-Minor: Secondary Education & Spanish (If I meet the requirements)

-I LOVE Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime/Showbox/(Really anything that I can use to stream TV/Movies)
-Favorite TV Show: SUPERNATURAL!!
-Favorite Movie: Hairspray (The 2007 Reboot)
-I LOVE Books! (**Paperback**)
-Favorite Book Series: The Mortal Instruments

-Always up for TV or Movie suggestions **Warning: I have no social life outside of school/homework, so I have watched a lot of TV/Movies. Good-luck recommending something I haven't seen, or have attempted to watch**
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