Hello random stalkers welcome to my page
I have so many ships that I am happy for because I love all of them
I am Stormy Ray Waters or Fiji Arthur's younger sister! My brothers try and swindle me broke... *Sigh*
U1: Taken by a Frenchie
U2: Taken by a Tan Italian
U3: I've got a Tan American Sex Hound
U4: Single
And I have a special announcement I have a co write @Death_is_my_CHEESE she is amazing can't wait
If you hate me you hate me I get that alot so what's the difference haters will be haters I love people who will be themselves
My best friends on Wattpad are @I-love-Hetalia @Brazil-chan @Canada_Chibi_America @America_The_Hero (Hero) @DarkVampWriter @FluffyCresan_ @BabyBlur @2pGermany @crysab123 @InfiniteRadiance @-Francis___Bonnefoy-
And my family @Brazil-chan @Bia-Moria @DarkVampWriter @LeopardstarSilver @Trainer_Taccri @Francelikeswine (Mommy and Daddy) @CittenKitCat @Freckle_Speckle @crysab123 @-Francis___Bonnefoy- @Ask-England he's my big brother
If you be mean to my best friends or family you're going to hate your life plus no cookie NO COOKIE
Person: You're ugly
Me: Ok
Person: You're stupid
Me: Cool
Person: I hate you
Me: Awesome
Person: Anime is horrible
Me: I'll give you 5 seconds to run
Post this on your page if this is true to you
Profile pic: Me
Background pic: 2p Hetalia
Goals on Wattpad
1k Followers. [X]
100 votes just on one story. [X]
Get 1k vote [X]
And here's Iggy
== ==
You say Wal-Mart I say commoners supermarket
You say servant I say Demon butler
You say history I say Hetalia
You say pairings I say ships
You say evil I say 2ps but I love them
You say Revolutionary War I cry
You say idiot I say baka
Here's Some Facts About me
1. I'm Bi but I like girls more than guys
2. I cry allot
3. I usually need cling to someone when I get scared
I am also a very emotional girl I am sorry if I cry or need help
It kinda may be allot

Online [X]
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School []
Sick []
Alone [X]

So I love you all so goodbye
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I haven't died just I haven't been on so so long please forgive me
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