Inhabited by the Venatores of De Venatorem Unitas. 
- ♂ Ilthaen: @Deveritus
- ♂ Xessyth: @Aeternus
- ♀ Marrsil: @Korzan_Neci
- ♀ Ystalyfera: @Raelitha
- ♀ Erdyne: @Polariseren

Other Occupants:
- ♂ Svilgen (Smith)
- ♂ Forsaken Mage (Alchemist & Hexer)

Castrum De Venatores details:
Built upon heavily warded & sanctified grounds, making it completely impossible for undead or nonphysical entities to enter anywhere within 5,000yds (15,00 ft/457.2m) of the castle.

The wards make it completely impossible to teleport/open portals *into* the castle, however teleporting/opening portals *out of* the castle works just fine. Attempts to teleport/open a portal in will result in a redirection that puts the caster in the ocean just outside of the channel leading up to the cliff that the castle is built into and upon.

The geographical structure of land that the castle sits upon dictates that there is only one "easy" way to the castle, which is a somewhat narrow stretch of land that slowly elevates up (resulting in the cliff that overlooks the beach and canal). The only on-foot entrance into the castle is the barely-opened double-doorway, which is weighted and only open enough to allow one body to enter at a time.
  • Watgaean Peninsula
  • JoinedDecember 19, 2016


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