Welcome to my Page!

About me
My name is Samantha, but if you would like you can call me Sam or Sammie. I like to think of myself as a creative person, most of my thoughts are fantasy-day-dream like with so many idea's running through my head. Very friendly but awkward at times, I'm a total dork and overall just a small little geek.

About my Writing/Stories
I really love to write anything fantasy base with hints of action,romance,etc. It's been forever since I've written so I really need to pull myself back into it. The thing I hope to improve is details and grammar, overall I think I'm pretty good. I hope that you'll be interested in one of my stories!

Other hobbies/interest
Beside writing I do also love to cosplay, role-play and draw. Reading and acting as well with sometimes modeling. Whatever I can express my creativity on will always interest me! But that's it for now :-)

Social Media
Instagram: lilbunniecosplay
facebookpage: lilbunniecosplay
kik: DrowningDark

If you ever have any questions or anything feel free to send me a message! :-)
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