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★★Books I'm Working on RIGHT NOW!★★
♡:Horror Movie Scenarios & One Shot Book (➖)
♡:Your Devotion - Slashers x Reader 2 (➖)
♡:Unfriended: Secret Love [An Unfriended Fanfic/Male! Laura x Reader]

★★ Future Books! {In the far far future} ★★
♡:His Girl - Freddy Krueger x Reader {Rewrite}
♡:His Girl - Freddy Krueger x Reader [Sequel] {Rewrite}
♡:His Girl - Brahms Heelshire x Reader {Rewrite}

▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Books on Hold! █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄
♡:Graphic Design [Cover Book 3] {ON HOLD}

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♡-Work/Writing Email: camsterhale@gmail.com
♡-YouTube: ScarletSRSLY
♡-Steam: DM me for my Steam
♡-KiK: lawlsgirl
♡-Instagram: kawaii_cammie / CamsterHale
♡-Discord: https://discord.gg/veWC6h7
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Your Devotion - Slashers x Reader [Sequel] by CamsterHale
Your Devotion - Slashers x Reader...
"How can I have a favourite, when I...I love you all...?" "Really, I do. I really, really do...
Insanity - Josh Washington x Reader [Until Dawn Fanfiction] by CamsterHale
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"Ugh, it's fine...she just can't take a joke..." "It was just a prank, Han!" "What...
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