Konichiwa, my name is Calienia Moonsilver. I come from the land of color in the hidden mystery. It's a land hidden from others so it's not on any map. My village was formed of hidden leaf villagers that broke away when the hidden leaf was first founded. My country believes in peace and I do as well.

I have a kekkei genkai known as the dark eye. I can't say it competes with the byakugan, sharingan, or rinnegan but it's powerful enough. I also bare the celestial heart which is a blessing and a curse. I had left my village once before and was experimented on by Orochimaru. If you wish to know more about me you can read my stories. Starting here,


Relationship status: Single (NOT looking for love so u can stop ignoring me now)

Other things about me:

I love to sing and dance
My favorite food is dango
My favorite colors are purple, blue, and pink
Name pronounced: (Suh*Lane*E*Uh)

DOB: June 14th (Gemini)
Rank: Jounin
Ninja Registration: 34675303
Clan: Moonsilver
Blood Type: O
Nicknames: Cali-Chan (カリ-チャンネル) The Tides of the Mystery (謎の潮 )
Team: Team Mist
Academy Grade Age: 7
Chunin Promotion: 12
Jounin Promotion: 14
329 D-rank 107 C-rank 109 B-rank 59 A-rank 189 S-rank

My family:

Mynn mother
Hisoka father
Ankara sister

@Draer_Moonsilver older brother
Suzu cat companion

My friends:

@Neko_Beat Arisa and Krystal are also close friends

@KarinaTenshi Karina close, Yin not sure..

@James_storm James, Hakate, and Mira All good friends

@Rose_Nariko_RP Rose, Hinaru, and Hiroto are also good friends

@Black_Rabbit2165 Lacie and Alice are a few good friends

@animelover2175 A good friend

@Dai_Chan One of my best friends

@The__Akatsuki a person I give poisons to. (no kill Kara!) also a friend

@CrystalShogutsu Like a sister to me

@Deidara_Sasori_RP Once enemies, now friends

@Fifth_Kazekage *blushes*... A friend.

Hurt any of them and you will perish

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