@Alex-Kyle1234 amazing. :D thank you for your appreciation!


no probz can't wait for next chapter of criminal eye problem :-D


Your books are a work of art!  I think you should keep your progress up. I know the feeling that you could do so much better..  But you were already doing amazing Hun. I just want to let you know keep up your progress even if you hate it.  So when you slowly get even better you can see how far you come. I have one of your books still in my library and ill never let it go. I hope you have a wonderful day and continue your writings. 


Heya! I just wanted to say i absolutely lovee your books. They characters are so different and unique that i cant help falling in love with them. Look forward to reading more of your works


Just saying but I love home you write a book in NZ cos that's where I have lived all my life and yours is the first good book that's based in NZ.