Want a sneak peek of my new YA medical thriller, BROKEN? I'm posting excerpts every Tuesday, check it out here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/9280990-broken and tell all your thriller-loving friends!


@CJLyons Absolutely!  I'm certainly in. I was actually hoping to borrow it at the library. But of it'so on Wattpad, then so much better. Thanks, @CJLYONS.  For everything.


I have read your book on writing a novel. Good advice you are giving. You have great books,love them.


Hello! I am just hoping if it is possible for you to read my book entitled, The Royal Heart. It would mean a lot to me. God bless you!


Hey CJ!!,.great books. Yours' and Joanna Penn's video blogs on YouTube have been a massive help in kick-starting my self publishing carrier.  Thanks to your tips I have published Season One:Episode One of my Switch Point series on WattPad. 
          That done, I'm adopting your ABC (Apply-Butt-to-Chair) technique to crank out more episodes. Cheers & Many thnx!!