Hello susana, if u don’t remember me l m fatma and l was the one who commented on one of ur masterpiece story “just a girl” for dr strange x y/n.  And l have wrote the story in the notebook first (bc l wanted to prepare everything in my book and l just started with the story bc l was busy with somethings so technically the first chapter is done) and l would like to share it with u but l don’t know how to like l want to take a pic of the pages and send it to u but l don’t know how in here, so can u show me a way<3333


@fatoooom341 maybe it could work through tiktok, you can add me there and I'll add you back and see if you can send pictures through there, if not I can give you my snap and you can send them through there if you have snap and I can help you with anything else through there as well