Bad boy with a broken heart.
What's mine I protect and cherish.
I have done many things and I still have many more to do.
If you want to travel with me hold on tight.
I like my cars and trucks fast,
My music loud.
My women intelligent.
I fly private, first class, or military transport. Never couch.
Would love to save all the abandoned
and abused women and children
They have a home with me if they want it.
I am a big, big old jungle cat with lots of
scars, I will get more, that is part of life
as a living jungle cat.

Lessons learned: don't stay young, you're not trusted. Never get old, you're not trusted.
  • High Plains Motor Cycle Rally Point come find me. Ha Ha. Interpol and the Fashion police haven't found me yet! Come on, Bring it!
  • JoinedFebruary 4, 2016

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