Aida, 19th. 

I have been thinking all day and night of what I truly want in life. Finding the exact answer is almost impossible. It scares me at some point if I am not going to achieve it. But what I do know is that.

I don't need a relationship.
I don't need negativity in my life.

I am currently looking for a job to keep myself busy but as of now I am always by my grandma's side, and looking after three oldies.

I must say, to both of you who shared memories with me, I love you both. And thank you for making me a better person of myself. Even if it took me a long struggle of keeping myself together, I finally manage to get my life back to normal. Allow me to mention the names here. @sayinghello , @theuniversalfriend .

Writing about depression doesn't mean I am one. Just as writing about love doesn't mean I have one.

Keeping the vibe positive with my mind alive, warm heart and a loving smile. Staying close to inspiration in life, and reality, always. With a little dream to keep me going.

Till next time, Lots of love.

- Aida.
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