You don't die for friends, you live for them ~fairy tail.

I am merely one h*ll of a deer ~Sebastian

I want to eat pork cutlet bowls with you victor, i want to keep winning and eat pork cutlet bowls ~yuri

These d*mn rich kids ~haruhi

Kiss kiss eat your soup ~me and my "friends"

High! I'm Jada or Bubbles_X_Boomer! That introduction was so plain and boring .-.

My OTPs are:
Fraxus (laxus x freed)
Grastu (natsu x gray)
Stingue (sting x rogue)
Victuri (yuri x victor)

As you can see they're all boy x boy ships which means I LOVE 😍 yaoi, yes I'm a fujoshi nerd.

I'm a 5 year old lil girl just wanted to read Fairy Tales (or Fairy Tail the anime ;p). No jk, I'm not saying my age, but I'm in middle school so you can guess if you want.

If you're still reading this I'm impressed.

If any of you are a fangirl or fanboy feel free to read my stories if they're stuff you like. But they're crappy, read at your own risk.

If you couldn't tell by my profile background, I'm bisexual, yay! Which means I'm half gay and half straight (I'm offending so many people right now). So lgbtq+ haters leave now plz, because you're totally not gonna like me.

If you read to the end, I'm hella shocked, you just wasted you time reading this and you're never gonna get that time back.

Btw if Ben is reading this I just wanna say Tomco is better then Starco.

Social media:
Sc: jadastewie
Ig: _chubby.baby_
Ig: _sus.queen_
Twitter: Sus_GayBean
Ig back up: _sus.queen_
I have discord too, but if you want it you should just dm me.


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