Hey, I don't want to bother you or anything, not at all, but I have noticed that you have been kind of inactive... are you sick or just busy? I dunno if I am the only one that's concerned, but I really hope you are active soon. We miss you, Cleo! 


I am so sorry about all of those jerks on CleardawnsSilence who will not shut up about genetics.
          Btw I LOVE your books!


What is up, I see you made this account and very recently. I actually am a young author as well, which I am actually trying to publish a book as we speak. So when you talk about your aspiration, it makes me feel proud to be a young author as well. You portray your thought very well and fluently. You don't have clunky story writing, and I think you would be the perfect candidate for making your own stories. I don't know what you like, but since you like warriors I wish for you to check out my book, and when you upload a book onto Wattpad, I will make sure that my first priority is to look at it and give my feedback. You seem humble and creative like the many of authors on this website/app, and I would be honored to have a person like yourself proof read, enjoy and maybe give feedback. You don't have to by any means, yet I would like to get publicity anywhere I can. 
          Sincerely, 13 year old appraising Author, Ryan James Scott.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEAAAAASE continoue CDS! We didn't find out about Cleardawn's kits...