Honestly scratch that I might come back a little early…maybe tomorrow or Wednesday 


Hi guys, after my break I’ll also be jumping between my JJK one shot book to my Jschlatt x Reader book, this one is inspired by my DSMPone shot book The Ram and The Witch. I’m gonna try and keep everything the same as it was in the one shot book, might be some twists and turns but for the most part probably keep it the same, the best I can 
          Have a good day/night everyone 


I think what hurts the most is that…it feels like a fever dream, it’s didn’t feel real when I found out about Technoblade. 
          I saw that Tommy had posted something about Techno on Reddit, I thought he was joking but Tommy wouldn’t joke like that. 
          Then I got a notification from Quackity on Twitter and that made me realize it was real. After seeing Twitter blow up, I finally watched the video all in one night (last night around midnight) I cried when I realized it wasn’t fake and it was real. 
          Technoblade, you where there for a lot of us 10.4 million to be exact. You will be missed, you’ve made a lot of us smile and laugh. 
          Blood for the Blood God 
          Rest In Peace Technoblade (Alex) 


Hey guys, I hope everyone heard the news about Technoblade…I don’t think I’ll be continuing the Little Piglin Series because of what happened. I’m so sad and I hope everyone related to Technoblade is doing okay. 
          RIP Technoblade 
          He’ll be missed


@ Brightside_RAY22  I think that's fine but if I can say he loved what we did about him and I think one form of keeping him alive it's through fanfics and art and videos because he loved us with his heart and he loved what we did of his memory if you don't wanna keep doing things with him on it it's definitely valid I'm just speaking my thoughts out loud ❤️


I’m just gonna cut him from my books…Its not fun anymore when people you had adored go.


Also for the new chapter I just posted for Technoblade ‘Tubbo’s Concern’ it was originally called ‘follow the signs’ but I didn’t like that and I mainly put in Tubbo being worried about Micheal so I changed it sorry if it seems confusing in a way 


I also just forgot we are 6 days in 


@Brightside_RAY22 happy pride day month:) 


Happy pride month!!