You know when I watched your videos on YouTube it was stated that you have a account here so I downloaded Wattpad without even knowing what it was, and even though you posted nothing here since I followed you I have to thank you for everything I experienced here and in the FanFiction branch in general so, Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful live


What happened to your vids on yt 


Why would you delete your vids. The last time I checked your YT channel was last, last year, and the time I checked that your vids was gone


this message may be offensive
@PaulSarmiento940 I just checked today, and now I'm fucking pissed


You should continue posting 


We were all getting our hopes cause out of nowhere he was posting memes but then stopped and up and deleted everything even his back up account


Why would you delete your vids they are important to a lot of people 


Can you please continue posting videos on youtube again?? A lot of people love them and im sure they would love to be able to watch them...


I’m from YouTube and I wanted to say hi and thank you. We know it’s clear that people became sour causing you to quit YouTube and make your wonderful wattpad. We also saw you return with memes which most were happy to just watch your videos. I understand why you deleted your videos maybe because you didn’t like them there or because this chapter of your life has or is ending. So I want to say thank you for all the memories I’ve mad either laughing or crying. Your videos helped bring joy to my life so thank you. 


Why did you delete your videos


A lot of people loved them and wanted to see more 


I’m not sure why you stopped making your vids but please make more