Hi. You guys can call me Aoi! 

I love Supernatural and am a proud Sherlockian.
I'm also an Otaku and love watching Anime and reading Manga. I have a lot I love but here are a few favourites: Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, Code Geass, Bleach, AOT or SNK, Host Club, Hunter X Hunter and Soul Eater.
I like listening to music and that can mean anything from Kpop to Breaking Benjamin.
I watch Asian Dramas and want to one day live in Korea.
I day dream a lot and like anything with humour in it. I enjoy reading cliches as well.
I love writing and reading (obviously)
I aspire to be a Manga Story Writer because I love Anime but suck at drawing.

Favourite books: Pride and the Prejudice, The Clockwork Angel, HP, and the Paper Gods Series by Amanda Sun.

Favourite colour: Blue (gosh, who would've thought?)

There's not much to me, is there?

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