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《Welcome to my profile~!》
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Woah- hi there! I didn't expect for such an amazing person to stumble upon my profile! Do you want to know more about this specific sweet potato? If you don't, then that's perfectly fine as well! I'm not so interesting anyways... ^^;
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《Alias/Internet Nickname》
> Daisy [You can call me anything; as long as it's appropriate!]

> I'm usually an awkward and quiet person when I meet new people (I don't get how people can socialize so well-).
> I'm pretty nice when it comes to people (animals too) unless they give me a reason to dislike them. However, I keep my cool and continue being nice to people, even if they did something wrong to me (I can't help it, even if I tried... TwT).
> I usually go into, what my friends call it, wholesome mode. Sometimes, I don't have to warm up to someone to get into this mode haha!

《Lil Facts About Me》
> I'm a hopeless romantic (TwT)
> I love to draw
> I love to read books (that's a given lol)
> I love anime (never got to read manga yet)
> I'm an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)
> I can be a mess over both fictional and non-fictional things (mostly fictional lolol)
> I wear glasses and I actually don't mind wearing it at all (okay- maybe sometimes it annoys me but not 24/7)
> I'm sʜᴏʀᴛ for my age and I often get surprised looks when I tell people that I'm actually older than I look-
> Some people are surprised how mature I am for my age because when it comes to deep stuff, I turn 'wise' lolol

《A Lil Reminder》
> You are enough; don't think you're never enough. You're special and unique in your own way. You outshine others and you're beautiful/handsome, in and out. Just know that there are people in this world who appreciate (and love) you for even existing (wink wink, one of them is me~). Even if we don't know each other personally, I have my instincts. ^w^ 💕
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