Im Mexican, i know English but is not my mother lenguaje and i do not live in the States. My point, I can't express my self as well in English and  I really want to. 
          Tengo tiempo sin realmente utilizar whattpad, la única razón por la que mantengo mi cuenta y la app en mi celular es tu relato. La razon por la que sigo regresando no es que la historia es maravillosamente trágica, ni que los personajes son complejos e imperfectos desarrollados en base a sus motivaciones de manera coherente, ni la escritura bien estructurada, atrapante. Al fin y al cabo,aunque pocos, eh encontrado aquí otros fics con el mismo nivel de calidad.
          No, la razón es tu manera de redactar, de cómo expresas tus ideas de un modo exquisitamente cautivador elevando tu escritura mas alla del mero entretenimiento, tu creas arte con las palabras, arte de una intensa belleza capaz de evocar emociones profundas y duraderas.
          Para mi mas que una autor, eres un artista con el hermoso don de las palabras. 


I came back to say that ur appreciated and amazing and ur writing is everything I've wished for and I adore u. bye 


I've read all your books in two days. Your writing is incredibly captivating and so raw and beautiful. Thank you


your stories are the most beautiful thing ever


Come back miss your updates the storyy is so good


I don't know if u plan on coming back but if you don't pls do. ur amazing. like the best. I love u. K bye <3 


I don’t know when you plan on finishing but I’ll wait forever 


"She looks nothing like the last time you saw her, and yet, she looks more like herself than ever." point of view that tells the growth of someone by someone who has also gracefully grown throughout the story anf is written by someone who's been real transparent about her journey of growth, too.
          Man, I have never quoted someone so much as you. It just testifies how truly talented you are. Came here to check so I hope you're doing well.


have just finished reading your story a sum of all things... and it was heartbreakingly beautiful.. have you experience reading a book and hours or days after you just and remember it all of a sudden and say to yourself i wish i could unread it so that i can have the pleasure of reading it again? that exactly how i feel now.. but then i told myself that when (please...) the time comes that you finally gave us that last chapter.. i  would read it again so i can read it in one go... i never really thought i would love this story more than ur right there in the details story.. but here i am and i can honestly say that yes i do.. its just that good! and the fact maybe that i know that a lot of people have exactly felt that way towards themselves.. and its so sad but its a reality... nwei.. im just so happy that i have read ur stories! ur an amazing writer! i wish some producer or director can read this and make this to a movie bcoz its definitely movie material..