Just a quick message to say thank you to everyone who has read Now You Have Me, it has over 100k reads, which is absolutely crazy!!! When I picked the story back up, I never thought that was possible. 
          	You’re all beautiful wolves 


@BlackDrop  Love your story.  When are you going to update, Now you have me?


@BlackDrop  no u  congrats:)


Patiently waiting for now you have me update. Such an amazing story. I’ve stuck around since you started posting for OSNYWM. Can’t wait for more!


Would it be possible if there's a book for Bella's mate to be either Cole or Nicky?  Either of them make great partners


I really Loved you book, "So now you want me". Its the best werewolf genre that I've read so far! 
          It would be really great if you could continue updating "Now you have me". I bet a lot of us are waiting coz you're stories are soo good! 


I love your story So Now You Want Me!
          It's so amazing seeing a empowering female lead who doesn't give in to male dominance.
          Most female leads on Wattpad are quite weak and always let the male lead walk all over them. Rain being the complete opposite of that is really refreshing! So thank you for writing that beautiful story x  


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Hey there awesome there going to be another update cause i kinda clinged to the story really badly