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This is a description...Nah, I'm joking!

I am thirty years old, I have a beautiful wife and a newborn baby. Despite the lack of sleep, I still find the energy to write. Currently, I'm working on an original story for Marina fans in Station 19. But I'm a perfectionist, so in the meantime I'm covering stories for the fandom while continuing to work on my project.

I am open-minded and open to dialogue (built with argument) and I don't hate anyone, except people who have chosen to spread hate rather than Love.

So if you're different, that's great! As long as you feel good about yourself and love yourself the way you are, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. F*ck them and yell!

Be proud to be different! Be proud of who you are! BE PROUD AND SHOUT IT OUT!

The difference scares others. They are afraid because they don't understand. And it is by shutting themself in this fear of what is different that hatred is born. Whereas if they tried to understand this difference, they could accept it.

Understand others instead of rejecting them!

We can't be loved by everyone, like we don't love everyone, but we don't need to hate them. We don't need to spit on them. We don't need to insult them. We don't need to hit them. We don't need to kill them. Let them live, without looking at them if it bothers us.
Quite simply!

There's not only one way to be!
We can be a man who loves others men. We can be a girl who likes to play toy cars. We can identify as a woman in a man's body and vice versa. We can be non-binary. We can be a unicorn! WE CAN BE WHOEVER WE WANT AS LONG AS IT MAKES US HAPPY!

Oh and one last thing, all stories are FICTIONS! Nothing written is real, the characters, the story, and so on. Much like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and more, these are fictional stories that can be inspired by reality, but which are totally made up. Sorry to tell you that, but magic and hobbits do not exist.
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