''Gonna geт ѕтυcĸ ιn a Zoмвιe'ѕ Tнroaт - Tнaт ya вιg plan?''

(aside)'' Wait..y'all saying I get a whooole page to myself? Noice.''

How ya doing ya'll

Yep that's right darlins' the hitman deluxe has arrived. The only reason I have this is because remnant Tanith (these days she's with that darn tailor eating some flipping stake) made me a darned account and made me use it. The only reason I did was because she is/was my fiancé . Lemme tell ya'll some stuff bout' me.
Im a hitman deluxe and of course a male. What kind of idiot thinks im a woman? Born and raised down texas. Wont tell ya'll my age because I dont wanna. Im an adept tunneler. Former member of the revengers club. I use my lovely straight razor. Get nicked with that and you will be scarred. I also use it to shave.
The first chance I get imma kill that darn tailor. Then imma kill Cain. Or not. I wont kill Cain cos' I'm a good guy now but I will kill Bespoke if Ravel doesn't beat me to it. Oh and I made it a personal rule dat I aint gonna follow no furries. That is some dumb crap you dooshbags do; furthermore, for all ya'll out there who think I'm da bad guy, just remember me fighting the black cleaver. Oh, also, follow da whole gang:
@BlivArmageddon - Blivvie! She is mega coolio an' cute and awesome
@Valkyrie_fan - She's kinda annoyin' but she is kinda epic like saving da world an' all dat.
@CompleteApocalypse- You gotta love Ebony. She is the best!!! I am a huge fan of her work and she is just my favourite person on wattpad. No offence peeps. XD
@BespokeGhastly - GHASTLY! I guess you can live...for now. ;)
@Tanith-Low - O.O! Love ya Tanith!
@SkulduggeryP - The jarring non stop talking skeleton detective who's house apparently moves (according to Staven Weeper)
@Dexter-Vex - Strong, Energy Thrower, Badboy
@Saracen_Rue - HE KNOWS THINGS!
@Ric-Zealous - Awesome!
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