Yes i used to be the @official_lumine 

The Admin:
Name: Player
Pronounces: she/they
Sexuality: Pan

All my Ocs are yanderes for now

HAgh! Oh sorry you scared me.
Who am i. Well i am kaori the older sister of sayu. Yeah i mean that lazy ninja....well nice to meet ya
Ah we shouldnt just stand here come on lets go lets grab our swords and leave.

Multiships taken for her (3/7)
- Ari (Sorry bestay i aint typing all your names)
- @M-Miyashiro
- @_H-Hutao_

Platonically Married too:

Officialy My child:
And more....
Bestie: too many ppl

My ocs:

Name: Liana
Age: 500 or older
Gender: girl
Specialty: Demon
Fandom: any
Rpg allowed? Yes but only lime if
Weapon: knife
Demon of misfurtone

Name: Leon
Age: 18 or 20 depends on rpg
Gender: boy
Fandom: Genshin
Job: traveller
Home: liyue
Weapon: Bow
Vision: Anemo
Rpg allowed? Yes only lime tho

Name: Luna
Age: 17 or 20 depends on rpg
Weapon: (Two weopons) Sword and Polearm
Vision: Dendro
Home: Mondstaat
Fandom: Genshin
Gender: Girl
Job: Adventure
Rpg allowed: yes only lime

Name: Monia
Age: 17 or 20 depends on rpg
Weapon: sword
Gender: Boy
Fandom: nope
Rpg: yo lime only if something spicy

If you want to rpg lime make it in dms please k?
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