hey there stranger.
          just finished reading your book and wanted to express how much I enjoyed it.
          it's been a while since you last updated it though and I'm simply wondering if you're going to continue it?
          I personally really liked it and would love to see it to the end but it's completely fine and understandable if you've moved on to other projects and no longer have any motivation for this one.
          hope you're doing well with life on general.
          a reader 


@dead_reader_walking_ <3 thank you for the kind message


@ dead_reader_walking_  in*, gah, you ghastly menace learn to spell 


HOW THE FRICK DOESNT YOUR AMAZING BOOK HAVE MORE READS WTF THIS ISNT FAIR it should have like a million views by now but it doesn't what the heck!!!!!! I'm so mad about this its so underappreciated :(
          And anyway, I hope you find the inspiration to keep writing it, its amazing and you deserve it to yourself to say you finished such a good read!