I am praying that nobody I know ever finds this Wattpad account because if it gets out that I read cute romance books and sometimes cry a little my reputation is ruined. 

Pronouns you can just throw at me and see what sticks.

I am an adult according to the law but I have the mentality of a five year old.

I am a trumpet player. We hate saxophones here saxophonists go home.

I am a sucker for grammar and I apologize for correcting people's grammar all the time. I can't help it. It's second nature.
Also if your story has twenty mistakes in the first paragraph I won't read it, unless there is some clever reason for it being that way. Please use a good spellchecker if you are unable learn where to put an apostrophe. I beg you.

I'm just going to rant about spelling here because I just can't take it anymore.

Compliment: (verb) to praise someone, (noun) a praise
Complement: (verb) to complete or enhance something
Maria complimented Darcy's hairstyle (she praised it)
That shirt really complements your eyes (it enhances your eyes)

There: adverb, designates a place
They're: contraction of they are
Their: possessive case of they
Their house is there and they're in it.

Your: possessive case of you
You're: contraction of you are
You're terrible at grammar.
Your dog is very cute.

Also I've seen people making then/than mistakes. I am pretty certain they are conspiring to drive me completely mad.
Than: comparison
Sheila is taller than Mary.
Then: indicates time
We will find John, then we will go to the park.

Feel free to ask me about any doubts. Also I speak French and Spanish, and if you need me to translate short pieces of stuff you come across in books on here you can tag me. Be aware I will probably be very cranky so you might be better off using Google translate, which won't deliberately mislead you if you annoy it.
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