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We often forget who we are in the process of loving someone else which is not fair after everything that we have been through, we deserve better than quitting.

To everyone who has been through hell, told a million times that they are good for nothing, left alone to fend for themselves, and still believed in themselves or has a book with the characters suffering yet standing with their heads held high, this campaign is for you.

To know more about this, visit our book, 'What is #BelieveInYourself Campaign?'

This campaign was founded by @ShreyaSengupta29 and @ElectricEmpress on 2nd March 2020.






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If you have a book, you think fits our criteria then dm us the link.

NOTE, that we add books to our reading lists on the basis of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and above all character development because that is what this campaign is about.

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