Thank you guys so much for 20k reads on Speechless.! It really rendered me speechless! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter to get news of my writing process and life updates! Cheers, guys 


@BeccaPeerie will you be doing a sequel?


I love ur book "speechless" but i think u should add more at the last without just stopping.but still ur book is amazing and i even cried.❤thanku for sharing it with everyone.all the best.


Thank you for Speechless! It’s a wonderful book.
           “We would each have voices now. With William, I would no longer be rendered speechless.” These two sentences I love with all my heart. They both show that Tacey and William found what they needed the most, their voices. 
          Thank you! Keep writing!!


Hey any advice on how to gain readers?


Actually, just be patient and write about what you care. I've never written a piece with the intention to get a lot of reads. Of course, it's frustrating if nobody wants to hear your opinion, but eventually, the reads will be flooding in :)