So, I decided to go check on the account I stumbled upon to see if they’d deleted their stolen stories and she’d deleted all of my comments about stealing work instead.  So, she leaves me with no choice but to out her.  
          	Her account is @sargentbucky and she’s stolen from multiple fandoms.  If you’re bored today, go by her account and drop her a little note reminding her that stealing is wrong.  Don’t be mean, don’t use inappropriate language (I don’t want anyone to get into trouble for harassment).  Just let her know that she’s been exposed and she needs to delete the stolen stories.


@BeccaAnne814 bruh she deleted her account


@BeccaAnne814 I can't find her account, so i guess she deleted her account?


@BeccaAnne814 you know you can report the account and say that theyre stealing other peoples works


Becca dear,
          How I wish you are doing well! I finished all your books, some even twice. You are a fantastic writer, and I love and appreciate you. Your style is impeccable. 
          Thank you so much for weeks of unrivaled entertainment, especially your cowboy series. It is second to none!
          Much love,


I Love your books-Literally ALL of your books. They are freaking fantastic, ever since I read one of your book, simultaneously i started reading all of your other books. They were amazingly written and heart catching.


Hi, everyone! I know it’s kind of annoying to try and pitch a book on another’s profile but I want to get this out there! Check out my Bucky Barnes fanfic, its enemies to lovers with a mix of other tropes. Comments and advice are more than welcome!