Assalam o alaikum ! I republished my book ‘his to be forced’.And happy Eid.


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She was like a butterfly in spring. Flying from one garden to the next with her face pulled in a bright smile.
          He was like a lonely Eagle. Soaring through the winds at high speeds, looking for happiness.
          Life threw curveball on curveball in her path, yet Hoor never complained. When he made way into her life, Hoor chose to not see the beauty that he possessed. Blinded by the standards set by society.
          They were facing troubles on their own.
          Together they were a force to be reckoned with.
          Mustafa was calm 
          Hoor was lively 
          They were chaotic good.
          A story of finding faith and happiness.
          A story of reaching the dawn, after defeating the dark, starless night.
          ■ Features aspects of Islam. Not a book      from which you can learn about Islam.
          ■ People of all religions can read it. 
          ■ Slow-paced book [ As slow as I can write it ] 
          ■ Handsome men, you may fall in love
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Assalamwalekum waa rehmutallah barkat hu good evening I read all book lovely book kindly updates ur to be his force book


Assalam O Alaikum 
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