- You can call me...Ifrit.
-born on the 4th of may.

I love food and everything you love, we are all actually related, or dopplegangers, whatever you choose.

People describe me as that person who laughs all the time, sometimes they find it good and sometimes they hate it but I know they're just jealous cuz I'm laughing my ass off all the time😂

My surname is simple ( it's literally simple in arabic)

-I play the flute
-I can't live without music
-I love Disney, worldwide series, anime, kpop crazy music
-I think I love everything

I've traveled to Thailand(Bangkok) and Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi)

My dream is to travel the whole world and discover everything I can starting with Korea and japan❤

be like the world:Crazy..the crazier the better (At least that's what they also call me)

no one is perfect but nothing is impossible

If you believe in something strong enough, you can change your own fate

There is no hero or villian, they both exist inside us, we just have to make our choice

The only one who can make a choice for you is...you

It's never too late

Never die before living it to the fullest

Never lose hope

What you deserve is different from what you need

Haters will be haters, players will be players

Live your life, it's yours anyways

(I love BTS and my dream is to become best friends with every single one of them❤)

Fav kpop: BTS (fav group ever)
Fav anime: Detective Conan (I will die when it ends)
Fav kdrama: The legend of the blue sea (fav love story ever)
Fav song: Blood, sweat & tears
Fav singer: Ariana Grande

Series I've Watched: (✔: means fav)
The vampire diaries
The originals✔
Once upon a time (season 6)✔
Pretty little liars
Game of thrones✔
(Other K/anime shit✔)

P.S: I absolutely hate spoilers, I will kill you if you spoil a thing for me😇


•I am a girl with smartassy comments and sarcastic comebacks who cares too much and hates pity and people who gets jealous.

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