you’re amazing! you started stepsisters lament like what, a week ago, and it’s #17 in yandere! ive read both your books, and i am absolutely in love with your writing. you should really become an author, and if you do, I would totally buy your books! keep on doing what you do! 


@-TOX1C Thanks for noticing! I'm glad my works are so well-received! I hope I don't disappoint! C:


Hello, dear author.
          You are a wonderful writer, whose updates I sincerely look forward to.
          But I want to ask.
          Have you finished the fan fiction about yandere Cinderella yet?
          So we need to wait for another beautiful masterpiece from you?


@MagiberSok Yeah, Stepsister's Lament is finished! I'm working on other stuff now, but it'll be a while before I publish!